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9th of May, 2021


The need of the impotent: life’s enlivening

El Nuevo Testamento VR

Request a free New Testament study Bible.

The Recovery Version of the Bible is incredible for those who are ready to read it and truly understand the meaning of the Bible. It is very easy to read, precise, and is full of footnotes together with headings that will help you understand the thought behind each verse.

La Obra MSPI works together with Biblias para Europa (BpE), a non-profit entity dedicated to the free distribution of the New Testament Recovery Version study Bible in Europe.

To request your copy, please click here.

estudio vida Juan

Life-study of the gospel of John

The purpose of the life-study according to brother Lee is to present the truths contained in the New Testament, to minister life supply, to resolve common problems and difficulties found in the New Testament and to open each book of the New Testament by giving a thorough interpretation.

Purchases can be made of physical copies by contacting Torrente de Vida (TDV) , via email:

You can also read these life-studies free online at

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Request free Christian literature at Rhema.

Request a free New Testament Study Bible here.

Listen to the Life-Study of the Bible radio programs here.




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