Weekly prayer burdens

"Concerning persevering in prayer, I wish to say once again that we need to be willing to make a deal with the Lord, even to make a vow to Him, that we shall be a praying people. If all the saints in all the churches make such a deal with the Lord, the recovery will be greatly enriched and uplifted. Furthermore, the saints will enjoy the Lord, His presence, and His instant and constant anointing. All day long, they will enjoy the smile of the Lord’s face. As we persevere in prayer, the living Person of Christ becomes our experience and enjoyment." — Life-Study of Colossians, message 65.

Prayer resources: has been redesigned and relaunched in order to help the saints … to participate in prayer for the Lord´s move in a coordinated way, following the 60 days of prayer that was carried out through the webpage´s burden is to provide the Lord with a way to continue building up the saints´ prayer life and the ministry of prayer within the church.

Living Stream Ministry is an editoral of Watchman Nee y Witness Lee. On this webpage many of their titles can be found and read online. This ministry is of great help to our spiritual growth and our going on in the Lord, in which a key element is prayer.




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