Letter from Amana Trust to the brothers in Europe

29th July, 2020

Dear Brothers,

      Please see the attached announcement related to the Lord’s move in the Iberian Peninsula and the church in Madrid. This is being forwarded to the email addresses on the European contact list. Please distribute accordingly.

     Amana Trust has been asked to help in getting this announcement to as many saints throughout Europe as possible. The co-workers serving in Europe all feel very good about this house adjacent to the meeting hall of the church in Madrid. Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Having this property will greatly increase the ability to meet the needs of the church in Madrid as well as the work throughout the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. We also expect that soon there will be a lampstand in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal.

     While we hope that in time there will be meeting halls in every major city throughout Europe, having property in the capital cities is a great advancement toward this goal. A very good example of this is the Lord’s move in Russia in the early 1990s. The saints began with Moscow, the capital city, then spread to St. Petersburg, the second leading city in Russia. This was the base for several years. Consequently, there are now churches all over Russia. When possible, it is very worthwhile to strengthen the capital city of a country as a base for the Lord’s move. This was Brother Lee’s fellowship as the saints began the church life in Russia.

     We believe that the Lord is presenting this particular opportunity for all of us living in Europe to participate together for the strengthening of one of the European regions. There are now approximately 5,000 saints in the Lord’s recovery in the continent of Europe. If each saint in Europe would give just one euro per day for the rest of this year, approximately five months, then the property would be fully paid for. Of course, many saints can give much more, but if each of us would participate even in this small amount, the needs would be fully met.

     May the Lord bring each of us into the view of the Body. If we will take this way, we believe that the Lord’s move throughout Europe will advance much more rapidly toward the consummation of the age. Please bring this to the Lord and to all the saints.

Saints serving with Amana Trust


Recently a property has come up for sale next to the meeting hall in Madrid. Click below to read the letter and to view photos of the property.




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